16 September 2021
PN 40

PN 40

The newest vacuum pump

The PN Series vacuum pumps date back to the 1980s and were designed for agricultural use (tanker outfitting) but can also be used in industrial applications (lorry outfitting).


Now the family grows with the PN 40 model. The achieved flow rate is 4000 l/min (240 m3/h).


The technology applied is that of rotary vane pumps: the rotor, equipped with moving vanes, rotates eccentrically inside the pump body. The vanes are kept in contact with the internal surface of the body by the centrifugal force. Between the vanes and the body there is always an oil film that acts as a sealing and lubricating element.

On request, a 5-way Mixer-type diverter valve is provided, designed for mixing the liquid in the tank of the tanker while it is being distributed on the ground.


Are you interested? See the Technical Data Sheet or contact us for further information.

14 June 2021


The new hydraulic centrifugal pump


CEN is here! The hydraulic centrifugal pump series has finally arrived!


We use CEN 1000 in our purging equipment and with the recycling unit. This machine is designed and built to pump clean liquids similar to water.

The hydraulic centrifugal pump CEN 3000-...-9000 is mainly designed to be installed on agricultural trailers for spreading the slurry from the tank.


Are you interested? See the technical data sheet or contact us for further information.

23 April 2021


Discover JUROP!

A Virtual Tour, immersive and interactive jorney in our Company.

View all vacuum pumps and compressors up close, exploring the Showroom set-up in the plant where they are produced.


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26 January 2021


The newest Injection Manifold for HELIX 2000

The new injection manifold is designed for vacuum pump HELIX 2000 (10860 m3/ h - 6392 cfm).

It is available as an alternative to the standard one and it is made of aluminum alloy. Thanks to its compact volume, it suits perfectly to fixed and mobile installation.


The figure shows both manifolds. The new model on the right and  the standard one in the middle.


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12 July 2019


VL 140 electric driven

Jurop powered units are designed and developed to meet customer specific requirements.

This is the case of the new powered unit developed for municipality of Vienna. Fixed on a stainless steel bearing frame, it is equipped with a volumetric pump (VL140) driven by an electric motor; a control panel starts the unit and adjusts the speed.

Unit is designed to be placed on the ground or to be installed on trolleys and/or trucks.


Check dimensions on the layout drawing.

28 May 2018


Guaranteed working autonomy, with a small footprint and an high installation flexibility

The recycling system enables a percentage of suctioned water to be reused thanks to the separation of a large part of the solid particles in suspension due to the presence of a combined action of two filters in series with different filtration grades.
The filtering system is designed to be installed in the sludge compartment. The filter unit can be easily adapted for installation on tanks with different diameters, always guaranteeing the same level of filtration.

Refer to data-sheet for further information.