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JULIA is a gear box suitable for driving a vacuum pump and a torque flow centrifugal pump by the same power take off.

JULIA is provided with 2 power take off. The first power take off is applied to a slide vane vacuum pump (PN, PNR or LC Series) or a blower vacuum pump oil emission free (DL Series). The second power take off is applied to a torque flow centrifugal pump for sewage waters or to a water high pressure pump.


JULIA 3000-5000 are provided of a control lever for the combined or alternative working mode of the 2 power take off.

JULIA 7000-8000-8500-9000 can be supplied with 1 control lever (alternated driving of the 2 power take off) or 2 control levers (alternated and combined driving of the 2 power take off).

JULIA HP can be supplied with a water high pressure pump in the second power take off. In this case the standard version is with 2 control levers series.


The following vacuum pumps can be coupled to centrifugal unit:

With JULIA 3000-5000


With JULIA 7000-8000-8500-9000-HP



The values reported in the table refer to the centrifugal pump only.


Ficha tecnica
Código Velocidade de rotação [rpm] Vazão Potência Peso File
m3/h l/min kW hp kg lbs
3000 3000
5000 5000
7000 7000
8000 8000
8500 8500
9000 9000

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