23 Mai 2023


New 4-way valve DN 150

The 4-way valves can be manual or pneumatic. They are available with various diameters (2”, 2”½, 3”, 4”, 6” e 8”), each of which with cast iron, bronze or brass deviator.

The DN150 and DN200 4-way valves are available. The plug is made of cast iron or brass for the DN150 version (only brass on the DN200 version). Brass is reducing friction and is spark-free.


Check out the full series here!

18 Avril 2023


Unit operated by a servo-fan electric motor

JU-BOX is designed to convey gas at low pressure.

The positive displacement rotary lobe blower (CT/CTH series) is operated by a servo-fan electric motor (inverter set-up) through a belt drive.

The motor oscillating support maintains the correct belt tension, reducing the load on the bearings.

It can be supplied in pressure (up to  2,1 bar abs) and in vacuum operation (up to 55%) and stands out for easy maintenance and quiet operation.


JU-BOX is supplied with:

- CT/CTH blower

- IE3 drive motors

- intake silencer with filter

- discharge silencer

- relief valve

- non-return valve

- antivibration dampers

- suction and discharge connections

- safety drive guard

- lift point


JU-BOX can be supplied with electrical panel / inverter for wide turndown capability (up to 1300 m3/h).

21 Mars 2023


Blowers and lobe pumps with electric motor

EVOLT is a volumetric operating machine with HELIX blower / vacuum pump, electric motor and inverter designed explicitly for vacuum or pressure systems.

The direct drive adjusts the motor and blower speed exactly to real load.

JUROP's engineered helical shape of the internal lobes assures smoother motion with no vibrations and zero oil emissions.

The limited weight, the compact size and the low operational noise make it ideal for integration into zero-emission vehicles.


Standard equipment:

HELIX blower / vacuum pump. Flow range from 850 m3/h (500 cfm) up to 1280 m3/h (755 cfm). Vacuum max. 93% (27.8"Hg).

Electric motor (60kW - 540V) liquid cooled.

Inverter for axial flux electric motor, both liquid cooled supplied with three inverter-motor connection cables and signal wiring kit.


Available on request:

Suction group with non-return valve integrated, manual or pneumatic 4-way valve, suction filter.

Overheating thermostat.

Safety oil level switch.


Refer to Data-Sheet for further information!

10 Février 2023


High vacuum blower system

HELIX 300 SYSTEM / high vacuum blower system


The package is equipped with:

- 1090 cfm high vacuum lobe blower

- dual stage cyclone shut-off

- custom silencers

- 3 shaft gearbox drive

- drive coupling

- air filter

- flushing kit

- pressure gauges & remote thermometer

- safety thermostat

- electronic oil level sensor


Refer to data-sheet for further information.

30 Janvier 2023
DL 400

DL 400

The newest rotary lobe vacuum pump / compressor

The DL series grows with the DL 400 model (flow up to 36.000 l/min).

These models can be used as vacuum pumps or as compressors of filtered air on stationary of mobile equipment for creating vacuum, for pneumatic transportation or for the suction inside a tank of liquid or solid waste


Standard equipment:

Positive displacement rotary lobe type vacuum pump / compressor with profiled and synchronized lobes.

Cooling system by air injection with built-in non-return valve.

Asymmetrical manifold with check valve (pump inlet) and air flow change-over valve (4-way valve) fitted on top of the pump.

Drive with smooth shaft gearbox (clockwise or counter clockwise rotation on request) or splined (clockwise or counter clockwise).


Available on request:

Pneumatic or hydraulic actuator for the vacuum/pressure changeover valve.

Hydraulic motor.

Pulley for the belt drive.



Refer to data-sheet for further information.

7 Décembre 2022


with Atex certification

PVT/Helix Atex – DRF/F groups features a vacuum pump PVT/HELIX Atex completed with flame arresters

DRF/F protection system and are designed to be integrated into systems for conveying air-and-gas mixes in explosive atmosphere.


Atex certification Ex 1/2G h IIA T3 X Gb/Gb

for PVT200/Helix220 Atex - DRF/F140 and PVT1000/Helix1200 Atex - DRF/F220x4 with suction unit.


Atex certification Ex 1/2G h IIB1 T3 X Gb/Gb

PVT280-400/Helix300-450 Atex - DRF/F220 IIB and PVT700-1000/Helix750-1200 Atex - DRF/F220x4 without suction unit.


Refer to specific web page for further information!

18 Octobre 2022


PVT / HELIX Silencer

Have you got a HELIX or a PVT vacuum pump? Do you want to reduce the noise during operation? Do you need to filter the suctioned air to prevent any disruption?

You’ve come to the right place!

Take a look at our silencers: standard or compact, filtered or not.

JUROP silencers are made of mild steel, stainless steel and composite material (fiberglass) with a significant weight-loss.


Discover the whole range here and contact us for further information!

27 Septembre 2022


Ready, steady, stainless steel!

In X-CTH all the components in contact with the process fluid are made of in stainless steel (AISI 316).

The high resistance of this material to corrosion makes X-CTH suitable for use in heavy-duty applications, where air and vapours are conveyed.


The noise level is low thanks to the gradual adjustment system of pressure to discharge.


The volumetric operating machine does not emit oil in the atmosphere and requires low maintenance.


Two direct current electric fans (24V) provide forced cooling of the compressor (system patented). The conveyed air goes through the benches following a ducting system designed to reduce the oil temperature (on average -35°C), preserving its features over time.


X-CTH was displayed at IFAT 2022 last June. Scroll the images!


5 Septembre 2022
DRF/F 220x4

DRF/F 220x4

The newest flame arrester

The flame arrester is an ATEX protection system that prevents a flame from propagating between the two environments it separates.

The device connects two lines used for air suction/compression and interrupts the propagation of a flame generated in or entering the line.


The new explosion-proof bidirectional flame arrester DRF/F220 IIB is designed for the treatment of fluids up to Explosion group IIB.


Refer to data-sheet for further information!

31 Mai 2022


The newest vacuum pump

At IFAT Show (May, 30th to June 3rd, 2022, at Messe München) JUROP presented the newest high-vacuum pump HELIX 550, with tri-lobe rotors and lateral injection cooling system.


HELIX 550 performances

Air Flow (at free ports): 3060 m3/h (1800 cfm)

Maximum Vacuum 93% (28 Hg)


Refer to data-sheet for further information or come and discover it at IFAT 2022. We are in Hall C4 at booth 315.

9 Mai 2022


Approved in accordance with the provisions of Regulation UNECE 58

The extendable underrun protection device is approved in accordance with the provisions of Regulation UNECE 58. The presence of the mobile arms, actuated by a couple pneumatic cylinders, allows the rear device to be folded inside the vehicle frame, facilitating the operations/manoeuvres that do not relate to road circulation.

The lever system ensures parallel movement of the rear underrun protection cross member. 


The device is showcasing at IFAT 2022. Come and see it: Munich, Hall C4 - Booth 315.

22 Février 2022
HELIX 140-180

HELIX 140-180

The newest vacuum pumps

The newest high-vacuum pumps HELIX 140-180, with tri-lobe rotors and lateral injection cooling system.


HELIX 140 performances

Air Flow (at free ports): 850 m3/h (500 cfm)

Maximum Vacuum 91% (27 Hg)


HELIX 180 performances

Air Flow (at free ports): 1090 m3/h (642 cfm)

Maximum Vacuum 91% (27 Hg)


Refer to data-sheet for further information!

1 Février 2022


Nuove barre paraincastro fisse con omologazione 58R-03

Nuove barre paraincastro fisse con omologazione 58R-03.


Disponibili nelle versioni con supporti corti e lunghi, con traversa terminale in Inox304L, idonee per istallazione su telai con larghezza compresa tra 700 e 1016 mm.




Contattaci per ricevere maggiori informazioni.

16 Septembre 2021
PN 40

PN 40

The newest vacuum pump

The PN Series vacuum pumps date back to the 1980s and were designed for agricultural use (tanker outfitting) but can also be used in industrial applications (lorry outfitting).


Now the family grows with the PN 40 model. The achieved flow rate is 4000 l/min (240 m3/h).


The technology applied is that of rotary vane pumps: the rotor, equipped with moving vanes, rotates eccentrically inside the pump body. The vanes are kept in contact with the internal surface of the body by the centrifugal force. Between the vanes and the body there is always an oil film that acts as a sealing and lubricating element.

On request, a 5-way Mixer-type diverter valve is provided, designed for mixing the liquid in the tank of the tanker while it is being distributed on the ground.


Are you interested? See the Technical Data Sheet or contact us for further information.

14 Juin 2021


The new hydraulic centrifugal pump


CEN is here! The hydraulic centrifugal pump series has finally arrived!


We use CEN 1000 in our purging equipment and with the recycling unit. This machine is designed and built to pump clean liquids similar to water.

The hydraulic centrifugal pump CEN 3000-...-9000 is mainly designed to be installed on agricultural trailers for spreading the slurry from the tank.


Are you interested? See the technical data sheet or contact us for further information.

23 Avril 2021


Discover JUROP!

A Virtual Tour, immersive and interactive jorney in our Company.

View all vacuum pumps and compressors up close, exploring the Showroom set-up in the plant where they are produced.


Would you like to discover more? Contact us and get the full virtual tour!

26 Janvier 2021


The newest Injection Manifold for HELIX 2000

The new injection manifold is designed for vacuum pump HELIX 2000 (10860 m3/ h - 6392 cfm).

It is available as an alternative to the standard one and it is made of aluminum alloy. Thanks to its compact volume, it suits perfectly to fixed and mobile installation.


The figure shows both manifolds. The new model on the right and  the standard one in the middle.


Contact us for further information!


27 Octobre 2020
CTH 880

CTH 880

The newest compressor

CTH 880 is a Helical tri-lobe rotary volumetric compressor with synchronised phase helical gears.

Low noise level due to the exhaust pressure soft adaptation system. Upon request: drive elements for hydraulic motor.


Check performances and dimensions on the Data-Sheet!

29 Juin 2020


New homepage, new template, new images and, ...

Did you know that the opposite of lockdown is open up?

An idiomatic expression often associated to new opportunities and new projects.

It is also used as an exclamation to invite someone opening a door or openining yourself to the coming novelty.


In these days the entire Word is moving from a lockdown phase to a new era.

JUROP S.p.A. has found a way to bridge the distance. Once again we are redefining customer service standard with the Spare Parts Service: the new platform media. The system is initially only available for vacuum pumps, but will be progressively extended to Volumetric pumps.

How does it work?

You can choose a model and check the spare parts available (eg. gaskets kit) or the accessories sold with it (eg. silencer).

You can print a PDF recap.

You can contact us throughout our Parts Service at any time.


The summer is right around the corner so ... happy surfing!

27 Avril 2020


Available for HELIX and PVT vacuum Pumps

The SUCTION GROUP is developed to make the installation easier on stationary or mobile vacuum/pressure plants, conveying air. The suction unit is designed to be installed in correspondence of suction/discharge ports and can be installed on the PVT1000, HELIX1200 and HELIX1500 vacuum pumps with horizontal ports.


Refer to Data-Sheet for further information.

12 Juillet 2019


VL 140 electric driven

Jurop powered units are designed and developed to meet customer specific requirements.

This is the case of the new powered unit developed for municipality of Vienna. Fixed on a stainless steel bearing frame, it is equipped with a volumetric pump (VL140) driven by an electric motor; a control panel starts the unit and adjusts the speed.

Unit is designed to be placed on the ground or to be installed on trolleys and/or trucks.


Check dimensions on the layout drawing.

8 Février 2019


The newest Gearbox

ITALA units, composed of vacuum pump and centrifugal pump, are built for installation upon trailers for agriculture application.

The DL vacuum pump is used for suction or discharge of the tank used for manure transportation. The centrifugal pump instead is used for pressure spreading of manure. 

ITALA can be supplied with a high-pressure piston pump used for washing operations by means of clean water.


Available models: ITALA7000, ITALA8000, ITALA8500 and ITALA9000.

The following vacuum pumps can be coupled to centrifugal unit: DL 150-180-250-300.


Flow range (centrifugal pump only) from 2400 l/min to 5500 l/min.


Refer to data-sheet for further information.