PVT/Helix Atex - DRF/F

PVT/Helix Atex - DRF/F
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The PVT/Helix Atex - DRF/F unit is a device designed to be used in suction circuits to convey air-gas mixtures even in explosive atmospheres. The PVT/Helix Atex - DRF/F unit it's compatible with the gases of the explosion group IIA (for group PVT200/Helix220 Atex – DRF/F140) and explosion group IIB1 (for group PVT280-400/Helix300-450 – DRF/F220 IIB).



Atex certification PVT200/Helix220 Atex - DRF/F140:

Ex 1/2G h IIA T3 X Gb/Gb


Atex certification PVT280-400/Helix300-450 Atex - DRF/F220 IIB:

Ex 1/2G h IIB1 T3 X Gb/Gb

Technical Sheet
PVT/Helix - DRF/F
Code Model Flow [m3/h] Temperature [°C] File
Group PVT200/Helix220 Atex - DRF/F140 1210 -20 / +40
Group PVT280/Helix300 Atex - DRF/F220 IIB 1500 -20 / +40
Group PVT400/Helix450 Atex - DRF/F220 IIB 2110 -20 / +40

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