4-way valves DN200

4-way valves DN200
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4-way valves DN200

The 4-way valves DN200 are designed to be installed in correspondence of the vacuum/pressure line of equipment typically used to clean sewer lines and cesspits. The 4-way valves allow reversing the vacuum pump air flow, thereby pressurising the vacuum tank. This way, the operations to the discharge the material from the tank are optimised. The 4-way valves can be manual, with manual actuation lever, or pneumatic, with pneumatic actuator.


Inside valve made in antifriction and non-sparking alloy.

Technical sheet
Code Model Diameter [DN] Design pressure relative [bar] Max Pneumatic Pressure [bar] Weight File
kg lbs
14881006E0 Manual 4-way valve DN200 DN200 -1 / +4 8 104 230 14881006E0
14881005E0 4-way valve DN200 with pneumatic actuator DN200 -1 / +4 8 108 238 14881005E0

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