27 October 2020
CTH 880

CTH 880

The newest compressor

CTH 880 is a Helical tri-lobe rotary volumetric compressor with synchronised phase helical gears.

Low noise level due to the exhaust pressure soft adaptation system. Upon request: drive elements for hydraulic motor.


Check performances and dimensions on the Data-Sheet!

29 June 2020


New homepage, new template, new images and, ...

Did you know that the opposite of lockdown is open up?

An idiomatic expression often associated to new opportunities and new projects.

It is also used as an exclamation to invite someone opening a door or openining yourself to the coming novelty.


In these days the entire Word is moving from a lockdown phase to a new era.

JUROP S.p.A. has found a way to bridge the distance. Once again we are redefining customer service standard with the Spare Parts Service: the new platform media. The system is initially only available for vacuum pumps, but will be progressively extended to Volumetric pumps.

How does it work?

You can choose a model and check the spare parts available (eg. gaskets kit) or the accessories sold with it (eg. silencer).

You can print a PDF recap.

You can contact us throughout our Parts Service at any time.


The summer is right around the corner so ... happy surfing!

27 April 2020
The last Suction Unit

The last Suction Unit

Available for HELIX and PVT vacuum Pumps

The SUCTION GROUP is developed to make the installation easier on stationary or mobile vacuum/pressure plants, conveying air. The suction unit is designed to be installed in correspondence of suction/discharge ports and can be installed on the PVT1000, HELIX1200 and HELIX1500 vacuum pumps with horizontal ports.


Refer to Data-Sheet for further information.

7 February 2020


The newest vacuum pump

At WWETT Show (February, 17th to 20th, 2020, in Indianapolis – USA) JUROP presents the newest high-vacuum pump HELIX 220, with tri-lobe rotors and lateral injection cooling system.


HELIX 220 performances

Air Flow (at free ports): 1.280 m3/h (750 cfm)

Maximum Vacuum 93% (28 Hg)


Refer to data-sheet for further information or come and discover it at WWETT 2020. We are at Booth 1107!


7 October 2019
VL 100

VL 100

The newest volumetric lobe pump

The VL 100 is the new positive displacement rotary lobe selfpriming pump designed by Jurop.

Two opposite rotating lobes transfer, from the inlet to the outlet, the pumped media drawn into pockets that are formed between the lobes and the pump housing.

The box containing the phase gear is isolated from the working chamber by the seal-holding bench (Fig. 2.1), which determines a separation chamber. The latter is equipped with a drainage hole at the bottom, allowing the discharge of the liquid coming from the pumping chamber, in case of seals leakage.



Flow 10.000 l/min (600 m3/h)


Refer to Data-Sheet for further information or come and discover it at AGRITECHNICA 2019!

12 July 2019


VL 140 electric driven

Jurop powered units are designed and developed to meet customer specific requirements.

This is the case of the new powered unit developed for municipality of Vienna. Fixed on a stainless steel bearing frame, it is equipped with a volumetric pump (VL140) driven by an electric motor; a control panel starts the unit and adjusts the speed.

Unit is designed to be placed on the ground or to be installed on trolleys and/or trucks.


Check dimensions on the layout drawing.

8 February 2019


The newest Gearbox

ITALA units, composed of vacuum pump and centrifugal pump, are built for installation upon trailers for agriculture application.

The DL vacuum pump is used for suction or discharge of the tank used for manure transportation. The centrifugal pump instead is used for pressure spreading of manure. 

ITALA can be supplied with a high-pressure piston pump used for washing operations by means of clean water.


Available models: ITALA7000, ITALA8000, ITALA8500 and ITALA9000.

The following vacuum pumps can be coupled to centrifugal unit: DL 150-180-250-300.


Flow range (centrifugal pump only) from 2400 l/min to 5500 l/min.


Refer to data-sheet for further information.