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Jurop Spa

Style:  Since 1976 Jurop have been recognised and distinguished with its unique and exclusive manufacturing style. The methods used contribute greatly to the quality and efficiency of our products. Whether it's pumps, powered units, complete tankers or components the emphasis is exactly the same.
Unique:  We are unique because ours is not a mass production but each and every item is designed, and checked at every stage then assembled tested and proven before being delivered to the customer.
Exclusive:  We are exclusive because we value the thoughts and views of our customers; we design, monitor and continuously check with our customers with those special requirements always in mind. We continuously provide technical advice and support directly or by remote communication when needed, we are always keen to invite customers from around the world to visit our facilities to view at first hand the power behind the products. We are proud of our achievements and will continue to improve and develop not only our products and our support service but also our relationships with our customers.
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Second-hand / Prompt delivery units


Second hand units


Renault CR625KA
Year : 2004
N° axles: 4
GVW: 32  TON
Wheelbase: 4.500mm

Make: Jurop
Year of manufacture: 2004
Tank material: Stainless steel Aisi 316
Sludge volume: lt. 14.400
Water volume: lt. 5.000
Water compartment type: Side water tanks

Vacuum blower
Make: Robuschi RBDV85
Air flow: 33.000 lt/1'

Suction hose reel
Type: Top mounted, hydraulic operation
Suction hose: 25-30 mt dn80

High pressure pump
Water flow: 235 lt/1'
Pressure: 250 bar

Swivelling hose reel
Type: hydraulic, automatic hose guide
Jetting hose:  80mt 1"

Secondary lhs hose reel

Type: hydraulic, automatic hose guide
Jetting hose:  60mt 1/2"

Secondary rhs hose reel
Type: hydraulic, manual hose guide
Jetting hose:  60mt 1/2"

Sludge transfer pump Battioni Pagani P1500

Available: October 2015
Place: Jurop
Reference: JUROP

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Second hand units


IVECO 175.24

N° axles: 6x2
4.000 mm
1st  registration : 1994

Make: Moro
Year of manufacture: 1994
Sludge volume: lt 11.500
Water volume: lt 3.500
Tank material: Mild steel
Water compartment type: TANK IN TANK

Vacuum pump
Make: Moro M 15
Air flow: 23.000 lt/1'

High pressure pump
Make: Pratissoli MS45
212l/min , 190 bar

Swivelling hose reel
Type: Manual operated,, manual hose guide
Jetting hose: 3/4" - 80 m

Side hose reel
Type: Manual operated,, manual hose guide
Jetting hose: 1/2" - 60 m

Screw type sludge transfer pump

Available: October 2015
Place: Pordenone (ITALY)
Reference: JUROP

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